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Apr 21, 2010 6:00am EDT
warm front that is circulating from the clouds. you will see that. the rainfall across west virginia. the low pressure is throwing showers on the north side. area of low pressure is spreading that moisture and also wrapping in what will be an increasing southeasterly wind. that throws in more moisture and you have the south component it really cools things down. we're left with a cool damp feel for today. the storm system was in kentucky yesterday and now pushing across the pam lesion mountains. and a slow mover. this is what we have to deal for today. the heaviest rain is probably going to be south of route 50. maybe clipping portions of washington, d.c. and annapolis, southern maryland and southeast virginia. and the northern fringe it is light rain and showers that takes us from the afternoon to the evening. then tonight the scattered showers passes towards the east and we wrap up drier air as the clouds pull around. we should stay dry until the next weather system arrives for the weekend. so if today, developing rain and temperatures downtown around 62 degrees for that's our 2 de
Apr 12, 2010 6:00am EDT
through and the clouds also racing off toward the south and east, that front stalls in virginia but it clears maryland and we will have ourselves a clear day with a mostly sunny sky, sun up at 6:34. lower to mid-50s. we are looking for a climb to 64 at lunchtime and a chilly breeze if you will, getting us to 70 this afternoon, that's much cooler than the heat we've had the last week but still above normal. 66 this evening with the sun and setting at 7:41. we look forward to some rain and try to knock this pollen from the air on tuesday. right now, to the roads at 6:01. >> as we look the e roadways, folks are out and about, things are moving smoothly as you look at the cameras, 695, traffic is building some but moving freely, we also have a disabled vehicle, 95 south at fort mchenry, in the tunnel area, two southbound toll lanes are closed and also look for debris in roadway ton outer loop at 695, and that earlier december abled vehicle at 895, is having an impact, is not having an impact on traffic. also 695 and hartford moving smoothly as well. >>> all right. 6:02. the budget it is a
Apr 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
, virginia. back towards louisville, 78. the type of heat that may try to spread eastbound. we have a shot of two days in a row of getting close to 80. not today though, close to 77. in and of itself is a big improvement compared to where we were over the weekend. comes with sunshine, comes with wind out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. back down to 48. should be mostly clear, unseasonably mild weather will continue through tomorrow. more sunshine. there's our first shot of hitting a widespread 80 degree reading on the thermometer. right now it's 6:16. let's go back to traffic with kim brown. >> i'm tweeting your traffic updates on twitter. you can follow me at maryland traffic on with no problems. as we take a peek around the area. traffic building in certain spots as you make your way southbound. on the harrisburg expressway, little moderate volume northbound as well. up towards padonia road. checking the west side of the beltway at frederick road. traffic is moving slightly below speed as we do have a little bit of jamming on the inner loop as you approach the bal
Apr 26, 2010 6:00am EDT
how much we got locally in a moment -- 35 reports of hail, in maryland, virginia and west virginia. most of that occurred between 5:00 and 8:00 last night. more rain likely today and this is the problem, we take to you jessup, patuxent valley middle school, 50. storm total yesterday 2.6 inches of rain. when you get that much in a short period of time, it's very hard for it to drain. this is the issue this morning. heavy rain coming down. it's reaching reisterstown, owings mills look out, 795 and 140, reisterstown road, you're getting very wet heavy rain approaching cockeysville. that will be the 83 split through towson. looks like timonium will be very wet. eldersburg, mount airy is getting it now. north side of ellicott city and most of the stuff probably going to pass to the north of ellicott city and columbia, but we have rain and that continues to push to the east which includes our friends in harford county, bel air, on the north side now but looks like more heading from the band in owings mills, in your direction this morning. 50s this morning. we get to 66 and isolated thund
Apr 15, 2010 6:00am EDT
water main break burst in the city of virginia avenue and one in aberdeen on route 22 eastbound. and a disabled vehicle on 695 and the outer loop. route 100 to 395. i nine minute ride. route 07 to 32 is nine minutes. megan? >>> 6:01. we're following breaking now out of england where all civilian air travel has been grounded due to drifting ash from that iceland volcano. the cash clouds drifting from the volcano have disturbed the air for air traffic. stay posted and stay on line if you're flying anywhere internationally. >>> today is tax deadline day and you only have 18 hours left to get your taxes postmarked. our state comptroller is trying to answer all your questions. let's good to linda so live this morning on fayette. >> reporter: good morning. it's the calm before the storm. but i can tell you in a few hours they're expecting a mad rush with all the people that have not filed yet. and joining us is state comptroller. you say there are a lot of people that have not filed in. >> no, there's about a million people that filed yesterday and today. so there's a huge delay right at the
Apr 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >> and in the weather service office in this area, the advisory is posted by virginia. hartford, baltimore, howard county, and we have a dense fog advisory this morning. and the blue shade there, those are the frost warnings. look at the view we have right now across the parking lot of veterans elementary. 38 degrees, it's chilly. be careful this morning. we have mid-30s to 40s. we will be breaking out to the full sun this afternoon, and the guaranteed high is going to be back at 64. >>> troy? >> >> justin, you are right. the traffic is building up as normal, but we also have issues with fog. slow down. 695 and trek rick road -- frederick road, it's going smoothly, but again, don't be confused with the traffic in front of you. look out for a disabled vehicle on 695 and woodlawn. >>> megan and jamie? >> thanks, troy. >> this is so terrible, we hate to tell you about it. a child less than 2 year old was raped. >> reporter: authorities say the girl's mother was dating the suspect, they were at his parents house over the weekend, and carol county deputies say he drank a half gallon
Apr 23, 2010 6:00am EDT
virginia and the next weather system towards our west. >> i'm trying to be optimistic here, really bad weather is packed there. this is the storm responsible for all the weather that broke out yesterday. general southerly moist flow. will also carry the waters and maybe the pollution and the oil spill from the rig down there at 50 miles south of louisiana coastline. up there towards the weekend. that's a big problem. it will feed into storms that'll be the strongest severe weather outbreak we had all year long. we're almost due for this stuff. those storms try to carry eastbound over the weekend. there may be a small shower threat in the afternoon. tomorrow the clouds move in, but the dry morning for the shred event. rain comes in after midnight on sunday. for today, plan for sunny to partly cloudy day. the clouds increase this afternoon. we get to 71. small threat of a shower west of town. weekend outlook in just a pinch. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> good morning, everyone. we're doing really good in terms of traffic for this friday. not a whole lot going
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7